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Lexa Peroutka & Nongkran Panmongkol



13. 6. 17:00 Performative lecture & installation

The Outer Source project is a search for elements of animate and inanimate nature and society that can ensure long-term survival, persistence, and existence. The artists work with a universal, global material language and attempt to demonstrate the material and mental possibilities of contemporary European society in a specific place, in its cultural environment. The performative lecture and installation will analyze and critique the artistic and civic involvement in a specific geographical space/cultural environment. The essential material element is water symbolizing life. The cycle of its processing, including filtration, becomes a metaphor for broader social and cultural processes.


Nongkran Panmongkol (1966) is a post-conceptual artist, performer, curator and designer based in Stockholm, northern Thailand (Phrae, Lampang) and partly in the Czech Republic. On the outskirts of the northern Thai town of Phrae, she is independently building a garden-based artist residency centre in direct contact with the wild nature of the mountains and rice fields. Her work deals with the social and cultural themes of a specific geographical area (Northern and Central Europe and Southeast Asia). An essential material and also ideological component of her work is the recycling of materials and working with weeds.

Alexander Peroutka (*1975) is a Czech multimedia artist, curator, and currently the director of the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Náchod.
In his artistic projects he explores natural phenomena and the behavior of individuals and groups in society, trying to define the various aspects of the space around us (social, political, economic, environmental, and media impacts). He employs activistic art practices (such as interviewing people in the street and documenting them on video) and social critique which he articulates through the manifestation of grounded/basic models and simplification. His works take the form of elemental – minimalist sculptural/multimedia/interactive installations and complex circulating systems.
As an artistic duo they are working with the subject of cultural, social and political
contradictions which we are transforming into three dimensional – sculptural - architectural
installations, objects and actions. They are opening another layer or angle of our physical
confrontation with the fluid global social situation of today. The main character of their work is
based on historical rivalry between the East and West, Europe and Asia.

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