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MUSIE: Nathan Saudek, Tea Sedmidubská, Běla Čápová



7. 6. 18:00 videoart + slam poetry + sound performance

An evening of hidden stories curated by multimedia artist and poet, founder of the Musie music and literature festival, Phil Primus, rediscovers the relationship between music and poetry. It will present several young authors. The program will begin with a screening of a digital poem by Nathan Saudek aka Deksonato, then continue with slam poetry by authors Tea Sedmidubska, Běla Čápová, accompanied by jazzy music by the newly formed French duo Jeanne Susin and Ornella Noulet.


Běla Čápová (1995) is a guitarist, poet and teacher from Prague. She studied ethnology at Charles University and guitar at the Teplice Conservatory. She is interested in the sonority of the surrounding space and the effect of noise on humans. She also works with audiovisual art and experimental photography in connection with poetic text. She is a member of the art group NaHajana.

Nathan Saudek aka Deksonato is a French-Czech artist specializing in digital art. His digital poems, intense videos that are a concentrated fusion of feelings and data in which the human figure is distorted and constantly mutates into new forms, draw inspiration from the continuous flow of information and its psychological impact on human perception and behaviour.

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