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Peter Bill



7.6. 17:30 Artist talk + projection

The residency project for Re-connect Art explores the themes of "fusion of self" and "transcendence" through data collection and transpedagogic work with students. The conceptual framework of the project consists of organic panpsychism and synchronicity. The result is a collective work based on the interaction between workshop participants, which will be presented at the festival in the form of an immersive video collage.

The workshop is organized by the Prague Biennale Foundation in collaboration with Intermedia Institute of the Czech Technical University in Prague and Anglo American University in Prague.


Peter Bill is an artist, activist and educator. He believes that art must be realized on the streets as an agent of change and progress. Since the 1990s he has been involved in large-scale video screenings, documentary films, animations, guerrilla art events and community building. In his work Peter balances transcendentalism with a didactic and activist approach that involves the local community in the idea and execution of his projects. His award-winning landscapes in painting and video have been exhibited in venues such as The Kitchen (NYC), Henry Art Gallery (Seattle), FILE Festival (São Paulo, Brazil) and other international venues.

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