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Politics as a spectacle

13. 6. 14:30 ( fully booked )

Are the politicians putting on a show? How is the relationship between politician and voter similar to the relationship between actor and spectator? How do politicians and actors use their body language (nonverbal communication) to impress their voters/viewers?

This interactive theatre-educational workshop will show students the ways in which politicians and actors use gestures, postures, posture and other elements of nonverbal communication to make an emotional impact. Students will experience for themselves what emotions certain gestures evoke and how they can use them in everyday life.

Duration: 120 minutes
The workshops are organised in collaboration with Farm in the Cave as part of the wider programme for the new theatre play "Online Hero" and thanks to the support of the National Recovery Plan and the ČEZ Foundation are free of charge


Eva Dvořáková, an expert in non-verbal communication and a lecturer at HAMU, is working on the development of the workshop.

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