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Robert B. Lisek & Mirek Chudy



14. 6. 20:00 Live performance

The Avalanche project is a combination of live performance and transmedia environment which explores the next step in human evolution, the emergence of human post-technological consciousness. The leading topic remains the construction of a closed model of the world by AI, monopolized by corporations, where alternative information cannot be found. The project treats the flow of information that arises through human interaction as part of a broader process of creating utopian forms and encourages critical reflection on the implications of AI for privacy, agency, trust and shaping our digital selves. The project announces the upcoming information avalanche related to the development of machine learning and AI, where sudden changes will take place very quickly and not continuously.


Robert B. Lisek is an artist, mathematician, and composer who explores the intersections of systems, networks, and processes—computational, biological, and social. His art delves into themes such as artificial intelligence, bioengineering, information theory, and quantum physics, incorporating elements like computer codes, artificial neural networks, and genetic sequences to investigate randomness and order. Lisek is a pioneer in art based on machine learning and AI, prompting critical reflection on AI’s implications for privacy, agency, trust, creativity, and culture. He is a composer of contemporary music, authoring numerous projects and scores at the intersection of spectral, stochastic, concrete music, and noise. He is the author of 300 exhibitions, among others: SIBYL - ZKM Karlsruhe; APEIRON - IRCAM Center Pompidou and Ars Electronica; QUANTUM ENIGMA - Harvestworks Center New York and STEIM Amsterdam; TERROR ENGINES - WORM Center Rotterdam; DEMONS - Venice Biennale (accompanying); NEST - ARCO Art Fair, Madrid; Float - LMCC, NYC.

Miroslaw Chudy. Miami USA. Born in Wielun Poland. Studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Wroclaw, Poland. In 1988-89 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens, Greece. Selected exhibitions: Art Basel MiamiUSA, Nova Art Fair in Chicago, Art Chicago, Polish Drawing Now at the School of Visual Art in New York, Arts Atrium, Union College, Schenectady, New York, University Galleries, Radford University, Virginia, Common Ground Gallery, Mackenzie Hall, Windsor, Eleni Gallery, Athens, Center of Polish Sculpture, Oronsko.

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