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third // space


third // space

29.5. 21:00 Live performance

For the Re-connect Art festival, the collective of artists will prepare a non-invasive artistic intervention for the exterior of the National Theatre piazzetta, combining a projection on an immaterial canvas of fog confronting the urban landscape with elements representing perhaps what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin calls the noosphere (the last evolutionary sphere of the Earth representing thought and everything dependent and resulting from it).

The authors are Lukáš Prokůpek and Aneta Fodorová, sound by Michal Kindernay.


The third // space project is a multi-genre art platform focusing on participatory art forms, especially the creation of performances/installations with a high level of active involvement of visitors. The company focuses on creating productions/installations combining elements of theatre, performance and other forms of contemporary art (visual, acoustic, etc.). The aim of the project is to create a "third space" for the widest possible audience. The experience gained in the field of artistic creation is further transformed into the form of educational self-experience programmes.

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