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Tomáš Samek & David Laufer


Beyond Macho: Unmasking the masculinities on social media

14. 6. 19:00 Open discussion

Lift weights, bang babes, drive fast cars, feed the beast of capitalism. Social media are full of similar (and viral) tutorials on how to be a "real" man. But how real is such a representation of masculinity? How many men does it truly represent, and how many are more likely to be frustrated by its unattainability and take this anger out on themselves and their surroundings? Can we create more inclusive representations of masculinity? In their lecture, David Laufer and Tomáš Samek will offer an introduction to the topic of masculinities from an academic point of view and uncover their internet forms. We then invite you to join the open discussion about masculinities, focusing on the issue of social networks.


Tomáš Samek (* 1997) graduated in aesthetics and is currently studying for a Master's degree in New Media Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. He is a member of ecofeminist collective Artbiom and AI collective Aignos. He writes philosophical texts, creates art and curates. His research interests include contemporary philosophy, affirmative pluralism, posthumanism, queer theories, feminisms, ecology, AI, and extending the critical tools of feminisms to masculinities.

David Laufer writes about internet subcultures, identity, art, and fashion in the virtual age. For the revue Prostor magazine, he contributed two texts and audio interviews about hypermasculine influencers selling a warped "ideal of masculinity" on social media and their impact on young men. He is part of the SVĚTOVA 1 artist-run space and the Artyčok.TV platform. He studies new media at CUNI and is the laureate of the Vinyla prize for young music journalists.

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