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Patrícia Chamrazová /SVK/
The Body a Poem, 2022
Video, 8:54

In her video, Patrícia Chamrazová reflects on our reality in which the virtual influences the physical and vice versa. She focuses on thoughts about herself, identity, body, space, self-presentation... She is interested in the embodying of the virtual, the reshaping and restructuring of the physical, and their mutual symbiosis in a new, hybrid reality. In her video, she reflects on the body and on our digital identities not being separate constructs, but rather an extension or deepening of our being.

The Body a Poem.png

Patrícia Chamrazová is a new media artist. Originally from Slovakia, she is currently based in Vienna where she is studying transmedia art in Jakob Lena Knebl’s studio. In her artistic practice, she often moves from the abstract to the organic, from the conceptual to the intuitive, or from science to metaphysics. She works in the field of digital art, audiovisual installations, and virtual and augmented reality. Her project-based and often site-specific work evokes an emotional intimacy through the reconstruction of a personal level of the everyday experience. Her aim is to make viewers listen more profoundly and inspire them to look more closely and critically at the world around them.

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