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5. 9. 2021   2pm
Petra Pětiletá:
Prague castle, Nerudová street and Charles bridge

postlife_kolektivní performance_14.6.2021_Praha_photo Robert Carrithers.jpg

#postlife is a participative project that intends to pinpoint life itself. It works with the experience of collective motion of a group of participants and also with the presentation of the event the way it appears “recorded” as opposed to the actual event happening. Current sociological studies also refer to digital space as a digital mirror. A group of figures wearing the significant black colour, with superhero cloaks, who walk out to show that they actually live outside their usual living space. What will be the digital mirroring for a series of flash mobs that a group of volunteers will play in multiple locations around Prague during June and July? We are looking forward to seeing it!


Artist and art pedagogue Petra Pětiletá is a host of artist-in-residency programme Magic Carpets in Prague. While still a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, she was intrigued by various social phenomena, and so her art has often focused on exploring and mapping them. As part of her recent post-graduate studies at the Department of Art Education of Charles University’s Pedagogic Faculty, she is exploring digital fields, current technologies in relation to art and the interfaces between the virtual and physical realities which she believes no longer work separately. Her principal premise is that following diverse visual information and the specific navigation in digital space on an everyday basis are becoming an integral part of current children’s life and the way they experience it in the globalised culture. 

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