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Phila Primus                           CZE/ USA/ DEU
Video, 11:12 min

Concept, text, direction: Phila Primus

Dancer: Andrea Vykysalá

Sound design: Niels Doucet

Vocal: Marie-Luisa Purkrábková

Video editing: Jakub Dušek

Translation: Marek Tomin

Phila Primus_patos milosrdenstvi (1).jpg

“Limitations of the body, as in being cast. You get to know your body through the mind; the body’s determination to care for itself; you come close to the banality of everyday physical needs. The body is drawn into a system of production as part of comprehensive division of labour – it produces. The needlessness of bodies works on inertia; the system runs on inertia. The body works idling; it feels it has to; in isolation, it produces while idling.” The new work, Patos milosrdenství nižší jakosti (The Pathos of Inferior Quality Mercy) combines the figurative and abstract levels of the body, world, and human.


Phila Primus (1991) uses the formal methods of collage in her works, some of which are of quite large formats, and through specific segmentation, she symptomatically and remarkably structures the visual fields of her individual works. She can reconcile rather different scales and perspectives, thus letting each work feature different levels of being and their intersections, vistas and links. The multi-layered nature of her images irresistibly expands towards plasticity.

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