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Roman Deingruber /CZE, USA/
The Sphere, 2004
Video, 3:30                            

In his ongoing body of work, single-channel videos, Roman Deingruber is questioning the role of artists as a subject. Combining body with the software within the creative process he tends to create abstract forms of reality and perception to arise a question and response. These video performances are thought out through a self-learning process:"...these pieces become 'self-portraits' or 'visual studies' of oneself searching for identity within the self-universe."


Roman Deingruber_sphere still.jpg

Roman Deingruber

was raised in Ostrava, a city in a coal-mining region in the Czech Republic. After the ‘Velvet Revolution’ he was awarded a scholarship and moved to study at the International Center of Photography New York, and has since been living and working alternately in Ostrava and Portland, Oregon. Deingruber focuses on new media and approaches the moving image much like a painter approaches the canvas. Inspired by his early love of painting (admiring the paintings of his granduncle Josef Drha), he uses the camera like a brush to capture the texture and movement of what he sees around him. Within the structure of time, he explores the way perception drifts between the conscious and the unconscious, the seen and the unseen, offering us a sort of postmodern impressionism. 

The qualities of his work are at once structural and organic, urban and bucolic. Roman exhibited his work at Art Murmur Gallery in Los Angeles in 2005, The Artist Network in New York City, NY Constellations, HYCAC - Huang Yan Contemporary Art Centerin Beijing and at the Beijing 798 Biennale in 2009, among others.

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