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Silvina Helena Grinberg         ARG   


Video, 14:42 min

Original idea, general direction and script: Silvina Helena Grinberg

Artistic and creative collaboration: Diego Gómez, Liza Karen Taylor

Dancers: Diego Gómez, Silvina Grinberg, Liza Karen Taylor

Camera and editing: Martin Berra - Pájaro Films

Costumes: Merlina Castaño Molina

Art direction: Merlina Castaño Molina - Silvina Grinberg

Original score: Guillermina Etkin.Facundo Salgado

Silvina Grinberg_FOTO BALLET ESTABLET (3).jpg

Pandemic Establet Ballet is a short fiction documentary adaptation where the “new normal” imposes a brand-new space-time dimension. Through tablet screens, distances can be shortened and we can cooperate, relate, and go through new scenarios without leaving our confinement. We use technology in support of scenic discourse and as a tool to duplicate, interrogate, and question ourselves about our identity and the physicality of our dance.

Silvina Grinberg has graduated from the San Martin Theater Dance Workshop. She has worked as a choreographer for the San Martin Theater Ballet, the Cervantes National Theater and TACEC. She has also danced in Chile, Italy and Germany. She is currently the President of the Cocoa Date Civil Association and has directed and produced her own works since 2000.

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