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Tariq Kanwal                                                          PAK
Video performance,  1:50 min

Tariq Kanwal_the essence of what fades (2).png

“To the earth from whence you came. Return to your place of origin. Be consumed by that which gave you birth. Sink and become part of it once more. You are in it and it is in you. You are it and it is you.”

Kanwal Tariq (b. 1990) is a visual artist working primarily with video, installations, and performances. She lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan. Her work explores the existing tension and pain between being and nothingness, movement and stillness, life and death, and rawness and realness to understand the limitation of a body related to gestures and movements to allow travel from one state to another using natural and usual entities. Kanwal has presented her work at numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally, including in Pakistan, Germany, India, and Iran.

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