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4. 9. 2021   9pm
Unijazz Kaštan, Prague 6

Project director: Armando Navarro

Music: Désiré

Vocal performance: Thelma Cappello

Performance: Hugo Laporte

†een▲ge g☺d 2.jpg

†een▲ge god is a multimedia and interdisciplinary collective that explores the limits between religion and pop culture, the audience and the performer, and high and low art. This project combines media while also generating forms that can exist independently from the performances: music, dance, video, photography, performative sculpture, books, installations, livestreams, etc. Their musical performances are immersive and participatory experiences that take the shape of series of rituals that the audience is invited to accomplish in order to become part of the pop cult: the adoration of Britney Spears and Shoko Asahara, the worship of One Direction and Heaven’s Gate, pop rituals and mystical ceremonies collide and merge to ultimately hold up a “death mirror” to consumer capitalism. Among the members of the collective are Louise Ronk-Sengès and Thelma Capello experimenting with vocal expression, DJ and producer of experimental electronic music Désiré,  visual artist and performer Hugo Laporte and art director and independent filmmaker Armando Navarro. 

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