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Virginie Foloppe        FRA           
LBD, 2020
Video performance, 7:26 min

Virginie Foloppe _LBD.jpg

Yellow vests who have been protesting in the streets of Paris for social justice often became victims of police violence, in particular with the use of LBD. Since 2019, social movements in France such as the Yellow Vests and feminist gatherings and demonstrations have provided a great source of inspiration to the author. With an LBD bullet she transformed the meaning of this weapon, using it like the puff of political makeup, performed by listening to slogans recorded in the street. Creating during the time of confinement in Paris gave Virginie a feeling of staying connected with social movements.

Virginie Foloppe is a video artist based in Paris and a visual arts teacher at the New Sorbonne. She systematically conducts research into sexual violence (rape and incest) in video, articles and creative writing. Her videos are short performances on camera. Virginie often works with the gesture of writing, the formation of words, with the cubes of a child’s play, using a mirror or a screen split in two like an open book, with a sentence being written on it in an organic ink.

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